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2023 Christmas Appeal

IM Caring is dedicated to reaching the local community with practical support.

We have worked with local Brisbane businesses for over a decade, and together we make a profound impact on the lives of the disadvantaged at Christmas time and beyond. With our donors’ generous contributions, we successfully reach those hurting, broken lives and give them “Christmas”.

Each year we have found that those in the community, who for various reasons have found themselves in genuine dire straits, are deeply touched that there are those who show they care through their giving.

These people are not looking for handouts, but to engage with support to change their personal circumstances. In turn, they often become volunteers in the very support groups that have helped them.

Make someone’s Christmas special.

Christmas is a lonely time for many people. We help those experiencing disadvantage to have a better Christmas.

Who we support.

  • Youth in emergency & crisis
  • Women & children experiencing domestic violence 
  • Women experiencing mental illness, financial hardship, or relationship breakdown
  • Individuals in alcohol and drug rehabilitation
  • Women aged 18 and over who have an intellectual disability and are experiencing or at risk of homelessness
  • Single mothers with an intellectual disability, whose children are often in care
  • Families where one or both parents have an intellectual disability
  • People of various ages whose lives have been trapped in the cycle of addiction, now making good choices and moving into a bright, healthy new future

Business partnerships

Without partnering with businesses in the community, we could never reach as many people as we do.

See how your business can make a significant difference to the lives of hundreds of individuals. We are so very thankful for the businesses that have supported IM Caring over the past 13 years.

Support the 2023 IM Caring Christmas Appeal

Our valued partners.

As the building manager of both Ansonia and Saratoga, I would like to compliment you on the efforts IM Caring engages in to assist those in need.  Your dedication to the cause is commendable.

Our community understand the hardships others encounter throughout the year but particularly at Christmas. Given these hardships our community pulls together to provide a token of understanding and some Christmas gifts for those less fortunate. We do this by supporting your Christmas tree gifting appeal. 

This kind gesture offered by our residents helps your recipients enjoy a better festive season and builds caring, compassion and understanding for the entire community.

 Thank you for your continued efforts on behalf of those less fortunate and also for allowing us the opportunity to help.


Building and Resident Manager, 64 Macquarie Street, Teneriffe QLD 4005

workspace365 has been partnering with IM Caring to participate in the Christmas appeal for many years now. Our office community loves being involved and making a small difference to those in need. The joy of giving a small gift to a local child is what Christmas is all about.  We look forward to the Christmas appeal every year!

Clare Bisley

General Manager, Workspace365

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