Every day in Brisbane

we see the effects of poverty on our streets and in our homes.

How we help

Because we are compelled to love those in our city.

For over a decade, IM Caring has served the marginalised in Brisbane city. We have distributed thousands of free food parcels containing wholesome foods, soft drinks and juices, fruit, vegetables, and personal items. 

Our help ranges from in-home set up including furniture, household items, bedding and electrical items, to soup kitchen and crisis care packs of food and personal hygiene items.

Crisis Care Packs

Street Feed Meals

Food Hampers

Christmas Parcels

No child should ever go hungry or cold, yet in Brisbane hundreds do.

Children are high on our agenda.

Our goal is to come into the lives of those in need and give them practical support and hope for a better future.

Partnerships that make a difference.

Below are just some of the local businesses that help IM Caring reach into the local lives in Brisbane.
We are continually thankful for their support.

IM Caring

2023 Christmas Appeal

Can you help this Christmas?

The average person in deep poverty is living on less than $8 per day.

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